Customs clearance of cargoes in Ukraine

Customs clearance of cargoes in Ukraine.

Our main activity is customs brokerage services in foreign economic activity. We are perfectly familiar with the peculiarities of Ukrainian customs authorities, informed of any changes in the Ukrainian customs legislation and have wide experience in customs clearance of goods from China, Turkey, USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East countries .

We provide the following services:

- Preparation of required documents for customs clearance;
- Definition of cargo custom code in accordance with the commodity nomenclature of Ukraine;
- Registration of customs declaration;
- Receiving obligatory permits, certificates, examination conclusions;
- Calculation of customs clearance costs and payments taxes;
- Mandatory payments of taxes, fees, charges;
Freight & logistics consulting for international trade operations.

Customs clearance of cargoes for import and export operations is a large scope of work that includes preparation of documents, communication with customs authorities, confirmation of goods customs value, inspection and receiving a permit for cargo pick-up from the customs point. Our clients are participants of foreign trade activities, who has repeatedly noted the high professionalism of our specialists. We’ll provide solutions to any issues relating to customs clearance, we’ll quickly calculate the customs fees and payments; we’ll give detailed information on the rules of customs clearance. We provide cost reduction services for business of all sizes and industries.

Our team of highly trained specialists is capable to solve any issues related to transportation and customs clearance in Ukraine. Our brokers will do everything necessary for the proper clearance. If you have problems, we can solve them and provide you quality service.

Customs clearance of goods from China, USA, Asia, Middle East, EU and other regions is the main activity of our company. We always deliver high quality services on time. Your cargo will be taken out of the port with all the permitting documents quickly and at a reasonable rate.

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