Custom clearance and logistics services for your business from professionals

We optimize our clients’ logistics for over 12 years.

Transport- forwarding company "Bereg-Transservice" was founded in 2004. Our company has established itself as an expert in logistics and customs clearance services provider for a wide range of goods during these 12 years, and helped Ukrainian businessmen to develop and bring their companies to a higher level in field of the international trade accros the world.

Our office is located in Ukraine, Odessa, a city with a powerful port infrastructure for international freight traffic and high sales potential. Geography of our work has expanded and currently we are working in all Ukrainian centers of transportations with the main goal to provide optimal rate and high level of service.

Company's mission: prosperous Ukrainian business, which helps to develop the economy of country and improves the quality of life of its citizens.

Company’s goal: it’s a businessman who receives an optimal solution in logistics and customs clearance, and has an ability to increase profits of his company due to qualitatively fulfillment of cargo delivery on time.

We help businessmen to bring their company to the new level. If you have wide experience in foreign economic activity, you will appreciate our professionalism. If you are just starting to think about the import / export of goods and equipment for the further sale, we will help you develop a new direction.

The main company’s activities are:

  1. Customs clearance for import / export of goods and equipment;
  2. Forwarding services – safe delivery of your cargo to destination;
  3. Multimodal shipments around the world for an optimal rate;
  4. Freight & Logistics consulting - logistics planning and formalization of cargo at all stages of the foreign economic activity;
  5. Warehousing - safe storage of your goods in our warehouse near the port of Odessa.

Ukraine has a good conditions for the development of new areas of international trade and manufacturindg. Ukrainian products are in great demand all over the world: the European Union, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and other regions.

Clients of the company "Bereg-Transservice" are successful trading and manufacturing companies. We help them to optimize logistics and customs clearance costs, so they have more time for buyers searching, for new products researches and for development of new business areas. All transportation issues and document formalities will be quickly and effectively solved by our team of professionals. Welcome to our company.

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